January 2019

Huge congratulations and best wishes to Dr. Hachemi Kadri, a postdoc in the lab, who has joined the School of Chemistry at Durham University as an Assistant Professor (Junior Research Fellow).

January 2019

A warm welcome to Vishruti Kochar who has joined the lab as a PhD student.

November 2018

Massive congratulations to Abdulrahman Elzwawi for passing his PhD viva. Thanks to Dr. Yassine Amrani (University of Leicester) and Dr. Zubair Ahmed (University of Birmingham) for acting as the PhD examiners.

November 2018

A warm welcome to Dr. Ed James, who​ has joined the lab as a postdoctoral researcher.

October 2018

Well done to three PhD students from our lab (Ageo Miccoli, Ashwag AlAnazi and Olivia Lambourne) for presenting posters about their work in the "Concept Life Sciences 5th ‘Synthesis in Drug Discovery & Development’ Symposium", which took place on 24th October 2018 in the Alderley Park Conference Centre, Alderley, UK.


November 2018

Huge congratulations to Ashwag AlAnazi for passing her second year PhD viva and proceeding to the final year of her PhD training.

September 2018

Massive congratulations to Mubarak AlAmri for passing his PhD viva. The first PhD graduate from the lab! Thanks to Dr. Klaus Pors (University of Bradford) and Dr. Alan M. Jones (University of Birmingham) for acting as the PhD examiners. 

August 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Youcef Mehellou for his promotion to Senior Lecturer.

June 2018

Huge congratulations to Olivia and Qin, PhD students in the lab, who have both successfully passed their first year PhD review.

May 2018

Dr. Mehellou gave two talks entitled "Chemical Strategies for Activating PINK1, a Protein Kinase Mutated in Parkinson's Disease"; one in the Kinase 2018: Towards New Frontiers meeting that was held in Cambridge (UK) 14-15 May 2018 and the other was in the 11th Annual Global Discovery to Development Innovation Forum (GDDIF) that was held in Amsterdam 16-17 May 2018.

April 2018

While on holiday in the Sahara desert of Algeria in early April 2018, Dr. Mehellou took time off to give two talks, one at a high School and the other at the University of ElOued, about the group's research and science in general.

March 2018

Huge congratulation to Ageo Miccoli, 3rd year PhD student, a prize winner in the 2018 Cardiff School of Pharmacy Annual Research Day. Ageo is second from right.

March 2018

Ageo Miccoli and Binar Dhiani (both 3rd year students) gave oral presentations summarising their PhD work in the 2018 Cardiff School of Pharmacy Annual Research Day. Ashwag Alanazi (second year PhD student) presented a poster while Olivia Lambourne (1st year PhD student) was very courageous and chaired one of the presentation sessions during the Research Day. Well done to all of them for their outstanding efforts.


February 2018

Prof. Michael Blackburn (University of Sheffield), a giant in the phosphate (bio)chemistry field, visited us in Cardiff School of Pharmacy and joined our lab meeting.

December 2017

With Prof. Patrick Eyers from the University of Liverpool, Dr. Mehellou co-organised and co-chaired a session entitled: "Protein-Protein Interactions: From Biochemistry to Drug Discovery and Pharmacology", which formed part of the British Pharmacological Society Pharmacology 2017 Conference. The speakers in this session were Dr. John Skidmore (Cambridge), Dr. Karen Keeshan (Glasgow), Chloe J. Peach (Nottingham), Dr. Eileen Kennedy (University of Georgia) and Prof. Richard Bayliss (Leeds).

December 2017

Dr. Mehellou gave a talk entitled "mining kinase signalling pathways for drug discovery opportunities" at the 10th BMCS Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Postgraduate Symposium, Cambridge, UK.

December 2017

Dr. Mehellou lost a bet to one of his project students, Wai Yau, where he promised that he'd be able to synthesis a compound of interest in 5 days but it took him 7 days instead! So, he had to buy pizza for the lab.

November 2017

Congratulations to Ashwag Alanazi for passing her first year PhD viva. 

October 2017

Congratulations to Mubarak Alamri, a third year PhD student, for winning the first poster prize in the College's research day.

October 2017

We are grateful to be awarded a Wellcome Trust ISSF grant to kickstart an exciting project that aims to eventually deliver a new class of anticancer therapeutics. 

October 2017

A warm welcome to our two new PhD students; Xu Qin and Olivia Lambourne.

September 2017

Dr. Mehellou gave a talk entitled "sneaking phosphates into cells" at the The 17th RSC Chemical Biology and Bioorganic Group (CBBG) Firbush conference, Edinburgh, UK.

May 2017

Well done to Ageo Miccoli, a second year PhD student, and Mubarak AlAmri, a third year PhD student, who both presented posters about their work in the RSC Chemical Biology Symposium, which was held on the 4th May 2017 in London, UK.

April 2017

Mubarak AlAmri, a third year PhD student in the lab, presented a poster entitled "Rafoxanide and Closantel inhibit SPAK and OSR1 kinases by binding to a highly conserved allosteric site on their C-terminal domains" in the In Silico & In Vitro Methods of Modern Drug Discovery, which was held on 24th-25th April 2017 in Nottingham, UK.

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